Double Dog Dare- New Years

Double Dog Dare

The word of the year was a difficult one to come up with. I had a lot of different ones come to mind. Courage was one- having the courage to make the changes, having the courage to speak up, having the courage to make a difference. Continue was another- continuing in what I know, continuing in the paths I have worked on, continuing with the changes I have made. 

But neither those or any of the other ones felt like they would work for this year. 

This last year was a challenging one for everyone. I’ve felt that the world was hesitant in how it approached everything generally speaking. After the pandemic, everything was different. It was obvious changes needed to be made in EVERY area of life, but the hesitancy I felt, even in my own life, was overpowering. 

This last years word was exchange- exchanging the bad for the good, the good for the better, and the better for the best. I lost sight of that goal. I made changes, but they werent strong. In areas of my life where I felt resistance, I found myself giving up. I tried to exchange, but the determination wasnt there. I kept waiting for markers- “I’ll start on the first”, “I’ll begin next week”, “I messed up already, might as well start over.” Does this sound familiar?

Honestly, I even thought about starting all over again on the first of the month. I had thought about waiting to begin a workout routine as part of my resolutions, but waiting until January to do so. I wanted to start a new Bible study, but I was waiting on the first. Wanting to try new places, read new books, learn new things…but always waiting on the first. 

I then thought to myself. “Why do I wait?”. Honestly, what am I waiting for? Nothing major in my life is going to change in a few short days. I won’t have new motivation, more time, or more energy. What is the real reason I am waiting? 


Thats it. Plain and simple. I was afraid. I was afraid to start, mess up, and quit. Or  I was afraid that I would get dissatisfied, and quit. I wasn’t afraid of failure. I was afraid of quitting, and you can’t quit something you never start. 

So rather than wait on the ‘first’, I began my resolutions early. I started my fitness routines two months ago. I bought books for devotions a month ago. I started a healthy diet a month ago. I started scheduling my time a month ago. I made changes early. 

That leads me to the word of the year- DARE. Dare to go against your normal. Dare to be different. Dare to make changes and DARE to keep going even when you want to quit, even if you do quit. The fact is, failure is a part of life, but staying down doesnt have to be. 

My response to sleeping in shouldnt be to stop getting up early, but to set an extra alarm with the volume on high to make sure I dont miss tomorrow.  If I miss a workout, my response shouldnt be to quit for the week and start again next Monday, but to do at least a little before bed, or make sure I go the next day. If I miss my scripture reading, I shouldnt just put my Bible on the shelf and wait until I feel like it again, I should read something THE MOMENT I have time, and make sure its the first thing I do the next day. 

I am daring myself not to quit. I am daring myself not to give myself excuses. I am daring myself to be different. I am daring myself to change. And I double-dog-dare you. 

Let’s dare to make 2023 different. 

Verse: Joshua 1:9- “Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

1 thought on “Double Dog Dare- New Years

  1. Great points! Thank you so much for sharing!! I tend to put things off until the perfect time, too, so this was good food for thought.


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